Opel Vectra B

Since 1995 of release

Repair and car operation

Opel of Vektra
+ 1.1. Controls and control devices
+ 2. Maintenance service
- 3. Engines
   + 3.1. Repair of engine SOCH established in the car
   + 3.2. Repair of engine DOSH established in the car
   - 3.3. Repair of the diesel engine of 1,7 l established in the car
      3.3.1. Introduction
      3.3.2. Technical characteristics
      3.3.3. Check of pressure of compression
      3.3.4. The top dead point (ВМТ) the piston of the first cylinder
      3.3.5. A cover of a head of the block of cylinders
      3.3.6. A pulley of a cranked shaft
      3.3.7. Casings of a gear belt
      3.3.8. Replacement of a gear belt
      3.3.9. The mechanism of a tension of a gear belt and pulleys
      3.3.10. Replacement of a sealing ring of a cam-shaft
      3.3.11. Check and adjustment of backlashes of valves
      3.3.12. A cam-shaft and pushers
      3.3.13. A head of the block of cylinders
      3.3.14. The oil pallet
      3.3.15. The oil pump
      3.3.16. An oil radiator
      3.3.17. A flywheel
      3.3.18. Replacement of sealing rings of a cranked shaft
      3.3.19. Replacement of support of the power unit
   + 3.4. Repair of the diesel engine of 2,0 l established in the car
   + 3.5. Major repairs of engines
+ 4. Heating, ventilation
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. Systems of start, ignition
+ 7. Transmission
+ 8. Brake system
+ 9. A running gear
+ 10. A body
+ 11. An electric equipment
+ 12. The basic malfunctions

3.3.3. Check of pressure of compression

Check of a condition of the engine can be made by measurement of pressure of compression in cylinders. If this check to make regularly it is possible to learn in advance the beginning of deterioration of the engine, without waiting the moment when deterioration will be shown in a low overall performance of the engine.

Using компрессометр with an adapter, check up pressure of compression in engine cylinders.

Before check of pressure of compression check up, that the accumulator has been charged and in a good condition. The air filter should be pure, and the engine should be heated-up to normal working temperature. Before check unscrew candles накаливания. For prevention of start of the engine at check carrying out disconnect an electric socket from the management block the fuel pump of a high pressure.

Establish an adapter with компрессометром in an aperture for installation of candles накаливания.

Turn the engine a starter. After проворачивания a cranked shaft pressure of compression should increase by 1 or 2 turns to a maximum and then be stabilised. Make record of as much as possible received result. Similarly check up other cylinders.

Pressure of compression in all cylinders should not differ more than on two units. Pay attention that the compression size should increase quickly on the serviceable engine. Low pressure of compression upon the first turn of the cranked shaft, accompanied by gradual increase in pressure at the subsequent turns, specifies in deterioration of piston rings. The low size of pressure on the first turn of a cranked shaft which slightly increases further, specifies in a thinness прилегания the valves, the punched lining of a head of the block of cylinders or presence of cracks in a head of the block of cylinders.

After carrying out of check of pressure of compression connect an electric socket to the management block the fuel pump and establish candles накаливания.