Opel Vectra B

Since 1995 of release

Repair and car operation

Opel of Vektra
- 1.1. Controls and control devices
   1.2. A combination of devices
   1.3. Control bulbs
   1.4. The counter of the passed way and hours
   1.5. The Triple-Info-display
   1.6. The Multi-Info-display
   1.7. The Multi-Info-display - Check-control
   1.8. The Multi-Info-display - the Onboard computer
   1.9. Heating and ventilation system
   1.10. The conditioner
   1.11. Heating
   1.12. The electronic climate control
   1.13. System TC
   1.14. Cruise-control
   1.15. The catalyst
   1.16. A signalling device of electronic system of the engine
   1.17. System of release of the fulfilled gases
   1.18. An automatic transmission
   1.19. Instructions on driving
   1.20. Economy of fuel
   1.21. A fuel grade
+ 2. Maintenance service
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Heating, ventilation
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. Systems of start, ignition
+ 7. Transmission
+ 8. Brake system
+ 9. A running gear
+ 10. A body
+ 11. An electric equipment
+ 12. The basic malfunctions

1.8. The Multi-Info-display - the Onboard computer

The onboard computer of firm Orel informs on parametres of movement which it constantly registers also an electronic way analyzes.

Key pressing the display displays following functions:

 – Momentanverbrauch (the current expense of fuel);
 – Durchschmttsverbrauch (the average expense of fuel);
 – Absolutverbrauch (the full expense of fuel);
 – Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit (average speed of movement);
 – Wegstrecke (the passed way);
 – Reichweite (a stock of a course before refuelling);
 – Stoppuhr (stop watch);
 – AuBentemperatur (external temperature).

Some functions are displayed on the display in the form of reductions.
Messages of function Check-Control always have advantage.

Management of the onboard computer is carried out by two keys on the lever of the switch of a screen wiper.
Key S – a function choice.
To press, the necessary function will not be displayed yet.
Key R – dump.

At display of functions

 – The average expense of fuel;
 – The full expense of fuel;
 – Average speed of movement;
 – The passed way

There is their simultaneous start by pressing key R (not less than 2 seconds).

Data earlier written down in memory will be automatically erased, simultaneously there will be a stop watch dump on zero value. The course stock pays off anew.

The current expense of fuel and external temperature are not dumped.

The current expense of fuel

Indication varies depending on speed of movement.
Indication in l/hour below 13 km/hour.
Indication in l/100 of km over 13 km/hour.
Indication 0л/100 km in the absence of pressing an accelerator pedal.

The average expense of fuel

Calculation of the average expense of fuel can be begun anew at any time, for example, after fuelling, by pressing key R.
Indication in km l/100.

The full expense of fuel

Indication of the spent quantity of fuel. Measurement can be begun anew at any time by pressing key R.
Indication in litres.

Average speed of movement

Calculation of average speed of movement can be begun anew at any time, for example, after a start of motion, by pressing key R.
Breaks in movement with ignition deenergizing at calculation are not considered.
Indication in kilometres per hour.

The passed way

Indication of the passed kilometres of a way. Measurement can be begun by pressing key R gestartet werden.
Indication in kilometres.

Stock of a course more than 50 km

The course stock pays off, proceeding from a current stock and the average expense of fuel for the last of 20-30 kilometres of the passed way.
After the fuelling, new value of a stock of a course is displayed or by means of pressing key Р, or it is automatically established through some kilometres of the passed way.
Indication in km.

Stock of a course less than 50 km

Indication is switched to function „Reichweite" („a course Stock") without pressing key S if the fuel stock in a tank suffices less than on 50 km. Indication blinks.

By a choice of other function, the given precautionary function is switched off. Repeated automatic switching on function „Reichweite" („a course Stock") is carried out after trip interruption.
Indication in kilometres.

Stop watch

By pressing key R switching zero – start – stop – zero is carried out ...
Definition of time spent to ways: ignition deenergizing leads to a stop watch stop. At inclusion of ignition the stop watch will continue the work.

External temperature

The going down temperature is displayed immediately, raising – with a delay. At inclusion of ignition indication is automatically switched to function „AuBentemperatur" („External temperature").
For the prevention of an icing of road indication at temperature more low 3 With automatically is switched to function „AuBentemperatur" („External temperature") and blinks.

By a choice of other function the given precautionary function is switched off. At temperature more low-5 With indication of external temperature does not blink.
Indication in With.