Opel Vectra B

Since 1995 of release

Repair and car operation

Opel of Vektra
- 1.1. Controls and control devices
   1.2. A combination of devices
   1.3. Control bulbs
   1.4. The counter of the passed way and hours
   1.5. The Triple-Info-display
   1.6. The Multi-Info-display
   1.7. The Multi-Info-display - Check-control
   1.8. The Multi-Info-display - the Onboard computer
   1.9. Heating and ventilation system
   1.10. The conditioner
   1.11. Heating
   1.12. The electronic climate control
   1.13. System TC
   1.14. Cruise-control
   1.15. The catalyst
   1.16. A signalling device of electronic system of the engine
   1.17. System of release of the fulfilled gases
   1.18. An automatic transmission
   1.19. Instructions on driving
   1.20. Economy of fuel
   1.21. A fuel grade
+ 2. Maintenance service
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Heating, ventilation
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. Systems of start, ignition
+ 7. Transmission
+ 8. Brake system
+ 9. A running gear
+ 10. A body
+ 11. An electric equipment
+ 12. The basic malfunctions

1.12. The electronic climate control

The electronic climate control provides under any weather conditions, any external temperature and at any time year the maximum comfort.

For maintenance of a constant and pleasant climate in the car according to external weather conditions the temperature of arriving air, quantity of air and air distribution automatically change.

The refrigerating compressor of the climate control cools air and takes away a moisture.

At the included refrigerating compressor at the conditioner power consumption of such size which leads to increase of the expense of fuel. If there is no necessity for the refrigerating compressor it is necessary to press key ЕСО.

The filter of clearing of air clears air arriving outside of a dust and soot, and also from pollen and dispute.

With installation on an automatic mode of air-conditioning movement practically always is possible. If necessary it is possible to adjust the climate control manually.

The climate control works only at the working engine.

Automatic mode

The basic installations for the maximum comfort:

 – To press key AUTO, the display and function indication are included;
 – To open all nozzles blowing;
 – To set on the display temperature keys „+" or. „-" from 22 With to 24 With.

The big or smaller temperature can be if necessary set.

Manual installation

Under special conditions (e.g., the frozen or misted over glasses, receipt of unpleasant smells outside) can be established climate control functions manually.

After repeated inclusion of ignition the climate control is in a mode chosen before installations.

If necessary, to establish an operating mode as follows:

Drying and defrosting of glasses

To press (the inclusion control), indication of mode AUTO will go out.

Temperature and having blown will be established automatically, glasses are defrozen and dry in the prompt image.

Return to an automatic mode: to press or AUTO.

Air circulation mode

To press (the inclusion control), indication of mode AUTO will go out.

Inclusion at receipt of unpleasant smells outside. The air circulation system prevents receipt of external air, air in car salon circulates.

The air circulation system should be included only for some time since in due course quality of air in salon worsens.

Return to an automatic mode: to press or AUTO.

Automatic mode without cooling (economy of fuel).

ЕСО to Press (the inclusion control), indication of mode AUTO will go out.

To include for economy of fuel. In this mode the refrigerating compressor is switched off.

Arriving air is not cooled and does not dry, because of it the comfort which gives the climate control is limited.

Return to an automatic mode: to press ЕСО or AUTO.

The set temperature

The set temperature can be established by keys „+" or „-" on values between 17 With and 27 With.

At installation more low 17 With it is displayed on display LO: the climate control works continuously with the maximum capacity of cooling, temperature regulation is not carried out.

At installation above 27 With it is displayed on display HI: the climate control works continuously with maximum теплопроизводительностью, temperature regulation is not carried out.

Air distribution

By pressing one of following keys (indication of mode AUTO will go out) it is carried out:

Air distribution to the top space;
Air distribution to a windshield, to forward lateral glasses both to forward and to back space for feet;
Air distribution to the top space, both to forward and to back space for feet;
Air distribution to forward and to back space for feet.

Return to an automatic mode: to press a corresponding key repeatedly or to press AUTO.

Quantity of air

To press on the right or at the left, indication of mode AUTO will go out, frequency of rotation of the fan blowing raises or goes down. On the display between keys To the step blowing is displayed.

Return to an automatic mode: to press AUTO, on the display between keys it is displayed And.

Climate control deenergizing

OFF to Press, all functions of the climate control are switched off.

Installations of distribution of air remain in position before the chosen positions.

Access of external air can be stopped pressing a key.

For comfort reasons to disconnect the climate control (management of heating, обдувом and cooling) follows only in case of occurrence in malfunction system.

Climate control inclusion: to press OFF or AUTO.

The general instructions

The climate control works more effectively if windows and the roof hatch are closed. If the car salon has strongly heated up after long influence of solar beams to open for some time of a window that heated up air could disappear faster.

For trouble-free work it is not necessary to close apertures for gauges in group of switches of the climate control and between apertures of giving of air before a windshield.

At the included conditioner the condensate acting on the bottom of the car is formed.


In case of unusual work of the climate control: approximately within 5 seconds simultaneously to hold pressed keys AUTO and OFF, there will be a synchronisation of auxiliary engines, the fan blowing thus for some time will stop.